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need to find bread bags in bulk

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need to find bread bags in bulk

I sell bread at our local market and am thinking of expanding my breads to include some more artisan type breads with crispy crusts. Our breads have to be wrapped by law so I need to find a source of bread bags that are made of paper- preferably with a window in it that would hold a two pound round loaf. To save time searching the internet for a source I am wondering if any of you use this type of bag and where I could buy them in large quantities. Thank you.

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King Arthur sells plastic clear bread bags but they are expensive, try looking at, their store is in brooklyn but they sell also on their website.

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This web page should be just what you need:

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The Brotkonig bags previously sold by KAF were outstanding. My understanding is the manufacturer is out of business.

The site you reference does not carry these bags, only those they make.


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PaperMart. com for items OTHER THAN bread bags, but in my search I noted that they carry a kraft bag especially for use as a bread bag.

We purchased plastic bags, shred and paper boxes, from them for our daughter's wedding favors.  They were prompt, offered comparable items, but better pricing per item than other sites.  If you order from them, will you please drop a line and give a review for me? 

I agree, KA is expensive, but their customer service is what keeps me going back, time after time.  I don't prefer plastic for storage unless I'm freezing an item(s).


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I found this website that looks promising with good prices in quantity

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I would suggest as they have an incredible stock of all items! I ordered 2 baking stones that were 16"x14" and WITH shipping were less than $30 and MUCH less than anywhere else I had looked. Other places had the stone alone for $35 without shipping!! Their prices and customer service are OUTSTANDING!! Good Luck!

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Try the following two vendors.  I buy bags from clearbags, but I don't know if they have plastic.

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I have purchased bread bags from Shadow Plastics in Rice Lake
Wisconsin. At the time I bought mine, I think I paid $ 15.00, which was for 1000. They are more now, but still a good deal. I was a walk in customer, but I am sure they would send an order out.

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I recently purchased 1000 24" bags from Web Restaurant Store for about $35 & service was great.

Here is the link:



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Thanks everyone. I think I am going with the paper bags with windows from mrtakeoutbags as I need a paper bag with a window and not a plastic bag. I order my other bags from shadow plastics in Rice Lake Wi.

Thanks again for your input

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Just to let you know ... also sells paper bags.  :o)

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I bought three kinds of bread bags on eBay:  perforated and non-perforated.  2000 perforated baguette size were $2, plus $25.70 shipping.  I also bought 1000 of the 11" x 20" perforated bags for $39.50, plus $17.50 shipping (these are a great size for both boule and batard). 

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Hi flourgirl, sounds like youv'e made up your mind regarding paper bags. At our grocery chain, where they do some in house baking, they use  plastic bags which have fine perforations, to preserve the crust. As they are clear, the product is easily seen, smelled etc. They really work, the crusts stay crisp, but the bags need to get backed up with a non perforated  for freezing. Just wanted to let you know. I don't have a source for you unhappily,  Ray

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Hi again, found them by googling, they are not inexpensive, but there are a lot to choose from. Ray

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we are the supplier of micro perforated bags in China.please contact me if you are interested in our bread bags.


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mountaineer coo... I've bought from all the others, these guys are the cheapest for the composting ones.

Good luck with your business.


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Renee B

Window bags are really expensive.  I had to settle for the ones that say "fresh baked bread on the outside, but at least they're 40% recycled content.  I think this site was the cheapest all around and they sell the bags with the tin closures. For the plain paper bags I punch some holes and use some thin pretty ribbons (.50cents a roll at wal mart) to lace them closed, then I can attach my ingredient cards to them with the ribbon.

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we are the supplier of perforated bread bags and paper bags in China,please contact me if you are interested in our products.

Please find our website for more information:

kind regards


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you can use non woven bags for carrying your bulk bread. it will give full safety for your breads as well as it reusable one.

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of bags from, but I found them on Amazon Prime (free shipping!) when I needed another thousand.

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Use Non Woven Bags as a smarter alternative for packing of bread as the air passes through non woven which keeps the breads more fresh than conventional plastic bags.