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So here's a first-ever do this?

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So here's a first-ever do this?

I just got done dissecting the hard,cooked spots out of my beautiful double loaf of dough that was rising in the combination oven/microwave. Can you figure out what I did?

I was on the phone when I put the container of dough in the pre-warmed oven for its first rise. I latched the oven and walked away, not realizing that the microwave timer was engaged and stuck (it's old-like me).About 5 min later, I heard the microwave going and realized my dough was being microwaved! Yikes! The control was stuck "on" but I was able to finally get it shut off and took out my lovely,fragrant dough.Too fragrant.

When I dumped this warm,lovely dough onto the counter I though all was well but I knew the minute I touched it that there were some problems. There were several hard spots that had cooked.

(Comment for female readers- It was wierd in that it kind of reminded me of my last breast exam! Semi-seriously,now I know what a lump will feel like-it was eerie. Several little lumps were distributed throughout the dough.Must be my medical background but it is a good reminder I thought I'd share.)

All in all I only lost about 1/4 lb.When I cut into the hard spots, it showed a cooked center with a great crumb and it even tasted good! Oh, well-life goes on and there is dough to rise. I stretched and folded and put it back to continue rising.It should make a fine-tasting  1 1/2 loaves!

So now I know what happens when dough is microwaved.

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Mini Oven

There will be a few out there zapping their dough in the microwave if only to get some pre-med education! 

Speaking about microwaves...  I was testing out a one coffee mug recipe for a chocolate cake today.  "The most dangerous cake in the world."   It could use a little ice cream. 

Sounds like you need a new Micro.   Does Santa take back orders?


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chocolate cake before. Very good with ice cream :)


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We have bought the pre-packaged microwave cake mixes that come complete with the plastic cups to nuke them in.  They are quite tasty to me.  I'm sure the cost per serving is atrocious but they are good for people like us who have a hard time controlling portions.

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I have read that it is possible to assist proofing in a microwave oven, by using the lowest power setting.  That would be power level one. (10%) The directions  suggested placing a cup of water near the bread. To protect the oven, but also lessening the power? I believe the newer genre of microwave ovens have a gentler wave, not sure how it works. I have never tried this, but am curious. I thought, when you said you latched it, that it went into a self clean cycle. HELP!