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TFL Makes the 2010 Saveur 100

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TFL Makes the 2010 Saveur 100

An early Christmas surprise for us all!

The food magazine Saveur does an annual 100 list of cool or influential food things in the world, and this year The Fresh Loaf made the list!  

I haven't seen the print magazine yet, but I believe they included the Buttermilk Cluster recipe that is a perennial favorite here.

Thank you so much to community member plevee who nominated TFL for the list. And, of course, thank you to all the community members who've made this site worthy of such praise.  It is truly a joy to manage this site.

Merry Christmas and best wishes to all,


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And thank you Floyd for doing such a wonderful job managing this site.  It is a wonderful learning environment.

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And Thank You to you Floyd for making this site available to us all! The Fresh Loaf didn't just "make the list"  It's #26 - that's impressive!


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On making the top half of the list....

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You've done a great job here Floyd and I have learned a lot from this site.  Not only is there a ton of information here, and sharing of personal experiences, but it is very easy to search and find information on whatever it is you are trying to learn (as long as it's about baking bread and the such:)  I tell all  my friends about it. 


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Congratulations, Floyd!

I think the nomination speaks to the educational value TFL provides to bread bakers. It does not capture the sense of community we also enjoy here.

If you click on any item on the list, it takes you to the text of the item's "nomination."


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Debra Wink

Congratulations !!!

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A well-deserved honor!

Thank you for this site.

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Thank you for all your hard work..a well deserved honor!


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This is a very informative and enjoyable forum.  The people here are friendly and helpful and there is none of the snootiness I see on some other food oriented forums.

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Thanks, Floyd.  Reading TFL has certainly improved my bread-baking skills and brought enormous enjoyment into my house. But David Snyder is right: our daily seminar here is a community of friends that you have brought together.  Much appreciated.


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Congratulations, Floyd. Can't think of who the first 25 are! As far as I am concerned, this is #1.

Well deserved honor; a very Happy Holidays and New year to all of you!

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of friends, colleagues, comrades, kindred spirits, brothers and sisters in flour, anywhere, anytime.  Congratulations Floyd on the prestigous recognition.  Thanks and praise are due you and all those who make this site such a great place, and well deserved too.  Thank you for your efforts, and for the inspiration and courage to begin it at all, as well as for sticking to it, and by us, to keep TFL one of the very best places to go for baking among friends.

Stand by for a lot more traffic too, because the "secret" is getting out!


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I love that it shares the list with things like "Eggs from Your Own Chickens", "Walla Walla Onions", "Pyrex Glass Measuring Cups", and "Tuna Melt"! :D

Thanks everyone, for making this community so great!

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And for those who don't know, it has absolutely nothing to do with "Eggs from Your Own Chickens." ;-)


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Wow, I'm busting with pride for each and every one of us!  Happy Christmas Eve!

Susan from San Diego (but baking in Prescott this week)

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Thank you, Floyd, for the wonderful gift you've given to all of us, and to the folks at Saveur who have the wisdom to recognize your contribution. 


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to Floyd and Dstroy and all the contributors to TFL, the synergy here is wonderful.

Merry Christmas to all from New Zealand.

We have had a very happy, hot! and relaxed day here.


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Mini Oven

That is great news!  Thumbs up and a graceful bow of gratitude!   I'm glad you started TFL!

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It is a much-deserved recognition.  Congratulations Floyd, Dorota, and those who help you keep this site up and running.  And thanks to all of the Fresh Loafers for their enthusiasm and generosity in making this a great community.


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I don't often post anymore but I am here almost every day seeing what everyone is up to and collecting information. I realized a long time ago that this is one of the best blogs out there. Floyd you do a great job of running a wonderful site and the community here is second to none. Well deserved congratulations to you all and Merry Christmas!

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Your work here is outstanding. Congratulations!



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That is phenomenal, Floyd!  A real credit to you and the wonderful contributors to this site.  Congrats! 

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What a great Christmas present! Thank you for your hard work in maintaining the site for all to share. Also thank you to all the TFL contibutors who made this community so friendly, vibrant and informative.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!


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How cool is that!  You should be proud of what this site has become and its impact on bakers around the world.  Congratulations!

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The honor is well-deserved, and a tribute to you and to all those who contribute to TFL!

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congratulations on your adward. i love your website. i'm learning to bake bread by hand after years of using a bread machine - both are good but different. you have given me many ideas & suggestions on your site.

thank you. i wish you a merry christmas & a fantastic 2010.


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Here's the whole family watching you & Dorota opening a big holiday gift!! Nothing feels better than seeing your family receiving cool presents. Well deserved. Thanks again for all you do and for gathering us all together. What a group!


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Nice!  I love Tuna Melts.  My favorite is to add pepperoncini.