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got a good question

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vince hav

got a good question

ive heard this guy at work state that he never eats bread cause "all bread does is turn to sugar when digested an makes you fat.." well this comeing from someone that wont drink carbonated drinks cause its "bad for ya" but drinks whiskey. haha i just dont understand it. so is he for real?? does it turn to sugar?

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so, yes, starches (flour is one) convert to sugars when digested...all carbohydrates do.  Fats are fats...broken down in the body by lipase and ultimately converted to energy, but not quickly.  Proteins are broken down into smaller proteins and used as building blocks for all sorts of things your body does.  All foods are made up of these...well, not alcohols, that's another story :-)

That doesn't make it bad for you... "bad" is relative.  Some people - for example, people with diabetes or with hypoglycemia - are less tolerant of sugars and starches, ie simple carbohydrates, because of how their bodies process these.

So, you have to know your own body...

Complex carbs - like those in whole grains are generally "healthier" because your body has to work harder to break them down.

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vince hav

thanks..i tell ya..there are some smart people on this site..yall explain things so well..

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Yes I agree with "chasingimperfection", breads will make u fat but ur lifestyle, quanities u eat etc also comes into play:  a sedentary lifestyle consisting of eating bread (as well as other simple carbs: sweets) will make u fat cause u are not doing anything to work off the carbs.

Tell ur friend he might want to try Sourdough breads, I don't have all the lowdown on sourdough yet but I know (just don't understand the process) when they are fermenting, they yeast is using most to all of the sugar in the flour giving u a less sweet and low carb bread.

Sourdough is what I am working on for myself because I am diabetic but purchased sourdough bread has proved to be pretty good on my sugar levels albeit I eat in correct portions also.