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Apple Walnut Sourdough and San Joaquin

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Apple Walnut Sourdough and San Joaquin


I was intrigued by all the posts about the walnut bread, so I decided to give it a try.  The sourdough is based on the Apple Walnut Sourdough from the Wild Yeast.  I wanted to enhance the walnut flavor, so I've added the walnut paste (based on Dan Lepard's formula) to the dough during the mixing.

The bread turned out fantastic, with amazing flavor from the combination of three kinds of flour (white, buckweat and dark rye).  I took the bread to work and the scent of apple lingered in my car.  However, I was a bit disappointed that the walnut flavor didn't come out as I have expected.

Still, a fantastic bread with great look and taste.


Meanwhile, I also tried out the San Joaquin Sourdough.  This bread offers great flavor and texture.  The bread is very chewy and requires lots of teeth work, which is to my liking.  Definitely a recipe to keep!

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What flour did you use for the San Joaquin Sourdough? I'm wondering because it sounds like yours was chewier than mine usually is.


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Hi David,

I bought the flour from the local mill.  According to their website, they use hard red spring wheat.  The package indicates 13% of protein. 

I really like the texture.  Great pairing with poached egg!