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BBA Stollen

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BBA Stollen

I jumped ahead in my BBA challenge to make this stollen since I figured it makes a lot more sense to have it now, rather than ... next Jan. It's yummy, with all that dried fruits, how can it not be?!

The shaping instruction in BBA is not that clear IMO. After reading and re-reading, and bugging my Germany friends, I think I figured it out. It's basically two folds like a "Z" shape, with the top flap narrower than the bottom ones. I didn't use almond paste since I baked those as gifts and the recipients prefer it without.

I know the taste improves after a few days(weeks?), but they didn't last that long. All gone after only 2 days.



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Those wouldn't last long around our house, either.  Lovely work!


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I've used that recipe before and agreet that the shaping isn't real clear.  Mine came out pretty ugly, looking more like a kidney than a crescent, but it still tasted delicious.

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Not ugly, that kidney looked delicious!

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Reid Heilig

It is hard to believe but the last time a stollen item came up I was having a slice of authenic made in Germany Stollen and quess what-I am eating some now for my breakfast. Your stollen certainly would not last long at my house. I have never seen a crescent shaped stollen in Germany. They all look like a log. The way my mother folded the dough gave a slightly different shape but very much like yours. It was not as pronounced in the folded over part. She would roughly make a longer than wide oval dough form, fold about one third over on the other side and bake. One additional comment-usually the fruit and nuts are much more finely chopped than one sees in these stollens. Reid Heilig

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Finer chopped fruits and nuts would make sense, since they will be easier to incorporate into the dough.

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Probably easier but not nearly as beautiful and biting into one of those larger pieceswould be such a great taste.

You are so creative with your baking and such beautiful baked goods. Also such great pictures. What kind of lighting and camera do you use. Mine are so uninformative.

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I use a very simple Canoe point and shoot camera (powershot 110), with the "macro setting", it does a decent job of getting the details. A SRL camera would be better at blurring out the backgrounds but I don't want to invest the money and time just yet.


I have really bad lighting at home and I usually bake and take pictures at night anyway, so my dear wonderful husband built me a lighting box

It's great!


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Your stollen is beautiful!  Can you please tell me what BBA stands for?  I'm fairly new here so I don't know all the abbreviations.  Thank you!

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It's a great book by Peter Reinhart, a lot of people here think it's THE best book for new bread bakers, and I agree.

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Reuben Morningchilde

This looks like an amazingly well shaped and open-crumbed Stollen. I agree with Reid, those we can buy here in Germany have their fruit chopped much finer, but that's not necessarily a good thing. Also, while I have never before seen a Stollen shaped like a crescent, the fold itself is very traditional. If you had baked it straight it'd have looked like a very good artisanal German Stollen.

Usually, I have my Stollen rest for four weeks, as I think it's only then that the proper tast comes through. But then again, I don't really know the BBA Stollen recipe, so it might work in a shorter time.

I'm actually rather envious of your crumb shot, I have to admit. Really looks gorgeous.