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Question for Braun owners

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Carl Bergensis

Question for Braun owners

I've been kneading with a Braun multipurpose food processor using the dough hook for several years, although I still consider myself a baking newbie. Lately I've come across a number of recipes (from Rose Levy Beranbaum and Daniel Leader) specifying speeds for a Kitchen Aid and am never sure whether I'm going too fast or too slow, underkneading, overkneading. I know there have also been some issues with their books. Any advice?

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For what it's worth, a KA mixer is air cooled -- so the minimum speed most recipies call for when specifying a mixer speed is #2.  Any slower than that and the mixer probably doesn't generate enough air to cool the internal thingamajigs and they burn up with extended mixing times.

The highest setting I've seen for a recipe for for a KA is #4, which is pretty moderately fast. I'd translate that into a vigorous knead...


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With an internet search you can find the approximate RPM value of the various KA Mixer speeds and then calculate from there by comparing against the speed of your mixer.