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Anyone from Tucson or Vail Az. in the house?

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Anyone from Tucson or Vail Az. in the house?

Just curious if I am the only one from Tucson.


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I'm from Phoenix but live in Canada now!  Missin' the warmth but perfect bread making weather here!  Baked ten loaves this morning!  Nice to see another Arizonan

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Thats kinda funny. I miss the snow (mostly skiing)

I would gladly trade you any day!!

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Hey, I am also from Tucson!  Howz you bread?  

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Me too.

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I'm in Phx area - Chandler to be precise - bit north of you but if anyone ever stages a get-together count me in :-)


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I was born and raised (proofed) in Sierra Vista, Moved out to the Ozarks a few years back but still have friends and family there.

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BKSinAZ - I live in Bisbee! My friends are about to open a pizzeria on Tombstone Cny. We hope to open in the first week of February. I will be the baker. I have been working on the dough for well over a year now...I think I have finally perfected it - with the help of this site which my sister Linda introduced me to about six months ago. Love, love, love this site! I made a starter about 13 years ago using just organic raisins, water, and flour, and have been baking wonderful bread from it all these years. The pizza dough is leavened entirely from this same starter, and it is really good! All this working on the pizza dough had the unexpected benefit of making my bread skills take a quantum leap forward. I read through this site every morning while I drink my coffee, and am always impressed by the fabulous breads, desserts, and the information shared. It's all about "community" although everyone is spread across the map. Baking at a mile high elevation can be a bit of a challenge, but everything I have made from this site has turned out beautifully. Even though I have never met them, or exchanged any words, Shiao-Ping, Floyd, David, Norm, and Susan seem like old friends. Love how everyone is so supportive and helpful! If you find yourself in Bisbee, stop by and say hello: Screaming Banshee Pizza, 200 Tombstone Cny. Cheers! Juliette

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Looking for true Artisan Rustic Bread in Tucson?  Check out Barrio Bread Co.  Now offering breads at Plaza Palomino Farmers Market on Saturdays from 10-2.  I might not be there every Saturday, but look for postings on Facebook: Barrio Bread or web




 Barrio Bread Co