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Salutations and good day, my name is Verminius Rex

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Salutations and good day, my name is Verminius Rex

Actually my name is Harold, but I think verminiusrex is a good username.

I'm an avid at home baker.  Recently I blogged 20 different loaves on my LiveJournal, and I've started blogging 100 Loaves on (  I just received my Oregon Trail sourdough starter and it's proofing now with a wonderful sour smell (I'm naming it Oliver), and I have the first batch of the No Knead Bread dough proofing from the New York Times article that seems to be all the rage at the moment ( 

 I've been reading The Fresh Loaf for maybe a year and have gotten a lot of good ideas off you folk.

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How is Oliver?  Is he getting stronger or weaker in sourness?  Just curious

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Peaking at your blog, you do have some nice bread.