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TFL in First Magazine

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TFL in First Magazine

My mother came by today and brought me her October 5th copy of First Magazine.  She was pleased to share with me that it had an article about the healing powers of bread.  Baking as stress relief.

The important point is that a sidebar directing readers to online baking sites lists The Fresh Loaf first.  It's like seeing a friend mentioned - very fun.


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Oh yeah?  Neat!  I'll have to check that out.

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The sidebar gives Beth Hensperger's top five sites.  TFL is #1. 

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I cant find it on the shelves here...was it October's issue? I went looking last week but the stands at our local grocery store already had November. Will have to search around to see if there's a place to find older copies..

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Yes, it was the Oct. 5th issue, which means it came out in September.  If you can't find it, I can see if she has hers still and I could mail it to you. 


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Got to check that out.

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Mais oui, that's us!! COOL!

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SO glad to se that!! I just can't tell you all how HARD my mouth has been running, telling EVERYONE about this site!! You all have helped me SO much and I feel SO at home and cared for and about. My baking has improved ten fold since I joined and even my Lonnie has commented about it! Believe me, after him teasing me (a bread baker of 30+ years) about how I had "Threatened" him with baking good bread, it is SO nice to hear him say that my bread is AWESOME! I have FINALLY gotten him to stop buying bread and buns in the grocery store!! Thank you ALL and Floyd for starting this site!!


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Royall Clark

That is great news! I know I'm glad I found TFL, it has given me more confidence in my bread baking skills even as new as they are! BIG Mahalo to Floyd!