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Meaning of "creamy" wrt crumb

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Meaning of "creamy" wrt crumb

I've often read the term"creamy"used, talking about the quality of a good crumb in certain breads. This word has never really made a lot of sense to me, but I assume it's a metaphorical descriptive, like when people talk about wine having "structure". I'm wondering if some one can take a shot defining the qualities of "creamy" crumb in more literal, physically descriptive terms.

I've on occasion gotten a crumb in some breads that was qualitatively different that what I usually get, and it has gone hand in hand with a bigger hole structure. I would describe this difference as springier, stretchier, and the insides of many of the holes having kind of a sheen to them. Is this creaminess?

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This sounds like creaminess to me but it also means how the crumb feels in the mouth as you chew it-at least that is what I always thought of as "creamy" or "custardy" . It feels creamy as it dissolves in the mouth-not gummy or tough or starchy.Smooth,properly cooked flavor.