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Has anyone tried the Pure Komachi 2 knives?

I love their original tomato knife and the bread knife is stellar, or would be if it were an inch or so longer.

The series 2 knives look even tackier than the originals & are about half the price. I was wondering whether the quality has changed.


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I love the tomato knife too - works great for scoring, but am not at all impressed with the Pure Komachi bread knife and it's now relegated to other tasks (cutting veggies).

I switched to the Swiss Forschner Victorinox bread knife, which is 10 1/4 inches long and quite awesome as there's flexibility in the blade.  A very cool tool.

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I went the other way - from the Forschner (admittedly 10 years old) to the PK!

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so does the American Test Kitchen, who also recommends the Victorinox 10" Chef Knife (about $25.00). On the test kitchen's recommendation I bought the chef knife. It's all but replaced my heavyweight, twenty-year old Henckel; but I still use it to halve winter squash, and pumpkins. Because of my satisfaction with the chef knife, I recently purchased the bread knife. It's the best, I've ever owned, and the least expensive.

Like you, I use the Komachi tomato knife for scoring boules, rye breads, and sandwich loaves; but I still use a lame for batards and baguettes.

David G.

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I've worked as a professional cook/chef for 35 years.  Victorinox knives are the best.....  for the money I should say.  You can spend a lot of money for what some would consider a better knive, but not for me.  Victorinox knives are well balanced, keep and edge well, sharpen easily, will last a lifetime if taken care of properly, they make every culinary knife one could dream of, and they don't cost a fortune.  I have a 10 inch Chef's knife, two cheap paring knives, a 10 inch serrated bread/tomato knive....and these perform just about every kitchen duty one can imagine.  The only other knive I've every used was a long thin bladed with a wavy (not serrated) edge that I used to slice smoked salmon very thin...but I don't need this knife at home. 

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I love Caphalon's Contemporary knife series. I prefer those knives to some of my Henkle knives, to be honest. I got Henkles as wedding gifts, but last week looked at the knives I *use* to see who made them, and was surprised to find that 4 out of 6 were CC instead of H.


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Darth Lefty

Most of my knives are all-stainless cheapies I bought at Target.  I didn't want to feel guilty about putting them in the dishwasher.  And a sharpener.