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liquid lecithin

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liquid lecithin

What is liquid lecithin and where do I find it?

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I Googled it and it comes up as a liquid herbal supplement which can be added to drinks, shakes, salads, etc. - or used as a nonstick coating on pots and pans.

Try Google and you'll find a number of places that sell it.

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I found a bread recipe with this as one of the ingredients any ideas?

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Our local whole foods sells liquid lecithin in the supplement aisle.  It's in a rather large bottle and costs around $10.  If you google around, you will find formulas for making a non-stick coating for pans, too, so it might be worth the investment.  I've never tried it because that price is a little steep for something I'm not sure I want large quantities of. 

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I brought my lecithin  in a health food store for less than $5.


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Glad to hear whole foods sells liquid lecithin. Years ago I had a small bottle that sat on my counter. Every thing that went in the oven or in a frypan got a coating of it. Nothing stuck. Ever. No matter how much It burnt. Now all I can find at Bob's is the powder. Whole foods here I come.


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It sells for about $6(US) a pint bottle here in the Midwest of USA and it is a thick,yellow,oily liquid-derived from soy, if I'm not mistaken. It is great both as a non-stick coating for any pan and as an additive to baked goods.It will turn things a golden color,though.I use it in place of some of the liquid oil, sometimes, in baked goods.

Mredwood is absolutely correct-nothing ever sticks!I have a small jar with a mix of about3-4 tablespoons vegetable oil and a few teaspoons of liquid lecithin mixed. I use a pastry brush to apply to any baking container or pan.Nothing sticks and bread/muffins/rolls pop right out-except where you didn't hit with the brush-quite amazing.

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GREAT INFO GUYS!!!! Sorry it took so long to get back with a reply.I will start looking right away.THANKS!