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best sour dough book for a novice

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best sour dough book for a novice

I would like to purchase a book on sour dough bread making for a friend who is a novice. What would be a good basic book to learn about making sour dough breads?

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Hi, I'd recommend  the Richard Bertinet book Dough. It has a dvd with it where he demonstrates how to work the dough as well as loads of other recipes. I tried making sourdough a few times to a few different techniques, each time it came out either tasteless, brick-like or both, 'till i got this book that is and the results were great and got better.

Best of luck..




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I would recommend The Bread Baker's Apprentice by Peter Reinhart. The book covers many types of breads, including sourdoughs. It's a fantastic book. Your friend would learn a lot from it.


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Bread Baker's Apprentice is very comprehensive and not at all overwhelming, ideal for a beginner.  It was my main resource when I got started a few years ago.