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Asking for suggestions on what to do with sweet dough

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cake diva

Asking for suggestions on what to do with sweet dough

Hello everyone!

I have a batch in the fridge of the USA Team sweet dough from Maggie Gleazer's Artisanal Baking.  Don't really want to make the monkey bread or the cinnamon pull-apart bread in the book.  May I ask for ideas on what to do with the dough?  I happened to add sultanas to it thinking maybe I'll make a loaf of raisin bread but I'm not sure it's the right base.  I'll be taking it out of the fridge first thing tomorrow morning.

Thanks in advance.

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So there are already raisins in the dough?

If you wanna stay cinnamon-y, you could make some pain aux raisins? Roll it out to a rectangle, spread a thin layer of pastry cream on top, then sprinkle cinnamon and sugar over that. Roll into a log and slice. Sounds yummy :)

Simple buns are always nice - raisin buns are very popular here in Norway, but the dough is often flavoured with cardamom. Not a must, however. Make rolls and give egg wash or brush with melted butter after shaping and prior to baking.

If you have some pastry cream handy, you can make rolls, flatten gently into discs, and make a small indentation in the middle. Scoop pastry cream into the indentation and decorate with confectioner's sugar icing along the rim around the indentation. Sprinkle shredded coco on top of the icing. These are called "skoleboller" or "skolebrød" in Norwegian (Eng.: "school buns"): Here's a photo, although I wouldn't go that heavy on the icing and the coco...

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cake diva

I've got frangipane, pistachio paste, almond paste, lime curd, passionfruit curd, frozen apple filling (for pie), cream cheese frosting.

I like the raisin bun idea.  I have cardamom seeds that i can crush in my spice mill and lightly sprinkle on top.  The pain aux raisin logs I can spread with the nut paste, and then more nuts on top.  My husband would eat that.

Wow! The skolebrod looks rich!  Didn't expect coconut in Norwegian pastry.  I think I can modify the concept to add the fruit curd. 

Thanks for the great ideas, Hansjoakim!  Onward to the kitchen I go! 

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Hi cake diva,

Yeah, I mean, that's not really what your "average" skolebrød looks like... That one looks like it's drowned in icing, so go a little easier on it!

You know, in Sweden they just celebrated "kanelbullens dag" (Eng.: "The day of the cinnamon bun" would be an awkward, direct translation). They're huge on kanelbullar. Here's a nifty way of shaping them: Youtube video of Berit. Again, roll out a rectangle, spread filling and cinnamon on top of the rectangle. Then, fold it into thirds, so the filling is sandwiched between dough. Cut into strips, twist them gently and shape as shown in the video. They're amazingly good and a breeze to make (once you've shaped the first few, at least :wink:). Enjoy!

Edit: Oh boy: A pro doing something similar.

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This looks totally like something I would make. I'll have to research that dough and filling a little bit. Do these buns end up having quite a bit of crunch, with all those strips of dough?

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Maybe too late for posting, but I do have similar 'problem' I usually make one cinnamon and one of these next day:

a] Vanilla sweet rolls using vanilla sugar [Dr. Oetker's] or my own w/vanilla bean sugar: Spread 1/4 C soft butter + 1/2 Vanilla sugar on dough, roll & brush with egg yolk+ half of the white and 1 T vanilla, bake.  Sometimes they are drizzled with simple powdered sugar/water.


b] Lemon Crescents: Roll out dough into 15" diameter circle, cut into eight pieces then add a heaping Tablespoon of lemon curd [or apple] to the base of @ triangle, roll up as a crescent, pinch ends to close. Place onto parchment lined baking sheets, cover and rise for 45 min and bake. Sift little powdered sugar on top.

c] Lemon Monkey: Use 3 T + 1/2 C sugar to coat dough pieces. In the mold alternate dough balls with filling: 1/2 C soft cream cheese+1/4 C sugar +3 T lemon juice, always ending with dough, let rise and bake. Make Lemon topping:  Combine 1/3 C lemon juice & 6T sugar in a saucepan and bring to a boil until sugar dissolves completely. In a small bowl whisk an egg add the hot lemon mixture to it beating continously [to avoid cooking the egg] Place back into the saucepan and continue to cook on low-- always whisking until thickenned, remove from heat and add 2 ts butter, blend and cover with plastic wrap and place in the fridge to cool. When bread is ready cool for 2 minutes then turn onto a serving plate and allow to cool, then drizzle [fork/piping] with lemon topping, enjoy!


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when dough is well proofed, don't punch down - cut a pc of dough and stretch to a 12x18 rectangle about 1/3 in thick(or roll), brush with melted butter,with your hand spread with a light layer or brown sugar and sprinkle with cinnamon to taste, sprinkle with chopped nuts and or raisens . Roll up starting with long side, jelly roll fashion. Cut in slices about 1 1/2 in wide, put in greased pan or on cookie sheet. proof double Bake and make a powdered sugar icing..which we put on individual warmed rolls.

my recipe makes 2 rolls of 12 slices. On cookie sheet, rolls are crispier than in a hi sided pan

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A coffee or breakfast cake/roll is always nice made with a sweet dough.  You can fill/top the rolls with any of your curds, jams,nuts or spices.

I made this one as a peach daisy ring.  Williams Sonoma Bread book has this pattern and it's also at the Land O Lakes Recipe site Click on Coffee Cakes.  I took the pattern directions out of an old sunset bread book of mine.


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Erzsebet Gilbert


That bread is gorgeous!  That's a fantastic idea, and I'm not even hungry and I want your bread!  And yes, it was a happy birthday, and made happier by your sweet note!  Talk to you soon,


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Erzsebet Gilbert

As for what to do with extra sweet dough... What about baking it as a normal loaf, toasting it or letting it harden for a few day, and then tossing in some sweet milk, vanilla, and fruit to bake yourself a bread pudding?  I don't know if with this dough it might be too sweet a dessert for your tastes, but I love everything disgustingly sweet and bread pudding has such a warm, homey feeling!  Just a thought... blessings,