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LOL--You can bake bread ANYWHERE!

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LOL--You can bake bread ANYWHERE!

No need (knead?) for withdrawal just because you're away from home  ;o)

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My family regularly traveled with an old fondue for heating up/cooking in hotel rooms.  Never would have thought to try baking on an iron though.

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I haven't done anything quite that elaborate... In Mexico City I made puddingish dessert with a banana, peanut butter, and some squares of dark chocolate melted in a bowl above the light over the bed. It was pretty good for something made with nothing really!

Then on the trip up to Aslaka I made waffles in the hotel room (we had a waffle iron with us I'd gotten for my girlfriend). Granola, barley flour (don't ask why I had it with me...), dried blueberries, flax meal, and a pat of butter from the continental breakfast. They were a tad heavy, though not as heavy as I expected considering the ingredients, but still really delicious!


Barley, Granola, Blueberry Waffles