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Spam comments

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Spam comments


How are we supposed to handle spam comments that might appear on our blog? Obviously we can just delete them, but if someone has created an account for the purpose of spamming, I assume someone should be notified. There is the "mark as offensive" link, which kind of sounds like it was intended for a different concern, but maybe it can serve this purpose too. Does anybody know?


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Mark as offensive is the correct one. Spam, harsh words etc.

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Caputo as a substitute for Type 55? 

Any thoughts on using Caputo 00 as a substitute for French Type 55 baguette flour? Caputo 00 has about the same protein & ash as Type 55.. Of course it has more moisture, but it still looks like a good sub that is a lot easier to find than Type 55.

I found this sole example of (seemingly) dubious origins at the bottom of the following thread, which was mostly a very solid discussion:

Isn't it odd that the "member" who posted this timely question had been registered for less than an hour before posting it?  How fortunate.  Reminds me of those salesmen in the 19th century who planted curious "customers" in the crowds that would gather as they hawked Grandma's Guaranteed Elixir.

Well . . . this is the age of the internet.  That couldn't happen these days.

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seems like a perfectly relevant comment to me given the forum topic... not sure what your problem is?


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The issue is that this looks like a sales pitch for a specific brand of flour posted by a brand new member masquerading as a comment from a trusted community member.  I'd distinguish those from full-blown off topic spam, which unquestionably should be deleted.  

If the blogger doesn't like those kinds of comments on their posts, by all means, delete them.  I'm not likely to close someone's account for doing that though unless they post the same sales pitch on a gazillion different threads.

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Debra Wink

"If the blogger doesn't like those kinds of comments on their posts, by all means, delete them."

Could you explain how to do that? Am I overlooking a tab or menu somewhere?

TIA :-)

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but i had nothing to do with posting that question. Maddie405, who'd gotten some 00 from me enthused about it in the Forums (again, with no prompting on my part). As far as I can tell, the whole Caputo issue may have begun with my website, but I had nothing to do with anything that could be construed as shilling.

Stan Ginsberg

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Flag them and/or delete them.  I check the spam queue 3 or 4 times a day and close spammer accounts and delete their messages.