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Photo challenge?

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Photo challenge?

So, I was wondering, would anyone be interested in participating in a baking/photo challenge?

Here is my thought: come up with a topic or challenge. For example, my thought was for the first one to be "bread animals" (like my frog bread). Announce it and then start a forum or thread for people to post images of their creations in. At the end of the challenge period (which I am thinking would be a month) I could create a poll where registered site users could vote on which one was their favorite. During the challenge period I'd use the contest to promote the site elsewhere and hopefully increase traffic and participation here.

The prize? Well, I think it'd be difficult to actually award a prize, at least anything that either is worth something or weighs something, due to the constrainst around foreign shipping and sweepstakes laws (which are fairly stringent in some states in the US). So the winner would... well, the winner would be the winner, and would get to show off his or her wicked baking skills to all of the other bakers here.

The rules? I don't think we'd need too many, since there wouldn't be a financial incentive to cheat. I guess "full disclosure" would be the only rule: you wouldn't be disqualified from participating if you are a professional baker or if you have 20 years of sculpting experience, but it is only fair for you to tell us.

It sounds like fun, no? Anyone think they'd participate?

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:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Hi Floydme,

Good idea, it's full of fun and challeng. Please count me on.

A few suggestions(if you don't mind):

1- bread animals seems to be difficult for begginers (like me & others). Let's keep them simple at the beginning of the competition or classify them by levels.

2- Prizes: How a bout a bread book 8-) ? (just kidding). I'm thinking of a huge show off covered by internet newspapers and website.

Best of luck,

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Hey Altaf -

1 - Yeah, I thought about splitting it into levels. Then I realized that we could split it into levels when the voting happens if we need to depending on what kind of submissions we get. Since I'm not planning on giving awat any tangible prize, no one should feel ripped off if they don't win first prize. The point is to have fun and learn something and have a playful competition with one's peers.

I also thought that I should leave the topic of the challenge deliberately vague. "Bread Animals" could be interpreted as making somethign like my frog bread, but it could be interpreted in another way, such as a funny picture of animals eating bread or something. Once again, since there isn't a prize and no one should feel slighted if they don't win, I don't see what it hurts to leave it open to people's imagination.

2 - I originally thought about giving away a bread book of the winner's choice. But then I thought about the potential difficulties (and expense) of shipping from where I am to some parts of the world, and about the sweepstakes laws that, if I don't obey them, could result in me being fined a considerable sum. So at the moment I'm inclined to not give an award of any financial value, though, yes, I would like to use the thread to promote the site and hopefully attract more people.

The possibility of a bread book give away in the future is not out of the question, if I can figure out how to make legally and logistically feasible.

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I like the idea of a photo challenge (now that I've figured out how to post photos).

I think if everyone had a week (or two) to work on the challenge, it would be great.

Also, instead of a book- what about just giving that person the honor of making their recipe available to everyone else? Maybe a "Challenge Showcase of Champions"?? If people donate prizes, does that still get you in the same legal difficulties as a sweepstakes? I was thinking that I'd be more than willing to handstamp some personalized recipe cards (or something like that) for the winner.

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From what I've been able to tell, the legal problems are with random drawings and sweepstakes. It looks like it may not be such a problem for something people on the site vote on.

The shipping internationally would still be a problem. There are a number of folks who post here who are in Europe and the Middle East. I'd feel bad if one of them posted something spectacular but then I couldn't afford to ship them the prize. :-?

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I spend alot of time on TFL and been a member for a long time.  I enjoy this site so much and has become a great part of my day...other than baking bread.  I have finally arrived to the point where I want to post pictures. I am fairly computer savey but I can't figure out how to post pictures.  Help!


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The simpler the better.  No prizes sounds like a good idea.  Just bake and show 8)


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Sounds like fun!

How about doing it blind so the voters don't know who they are voting for.


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5 year old thread?

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The necromancy challenge?