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sun dried tomato question

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sun dried tomato question

I have quite a few dehydrated home grown heirloom variety tomatoes that I would like to use in breads that call for sun dried tomatoes. I have seen dried tomatoes with no oil labeled sun dried and those packed in oil also labeled sun dried. So, can I take my home made dried tomatoes and rehydrated them in oil and use those in place of store bought? I have also seen recipes calling for sun dried tomatoes with no oil but I would imagine that they would have to be rehydrated first. Anyway, I would appreciate any input on this question. Thanks.

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I do not have exact experience with tomatoes: drying, rehydrating and baking them in bread.  Having said that, everything I know with regard to cooking and baking says "yes" absolutely use your tomatoes.


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I guess I am asking if I have to rehydrate them in oil before using them in bread.

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I dehydrated a lot of tomatoes this summer and have been wondering the same thing.  I think yes you should rehydrate them in oil or water before hand.  I think they will be too crunchy if you do not since the dough will not have enough moisture to soften them.  I am curious if anyone else knows.

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Yes, you will want to rehydrate your tomatoes before using them in your bread dough.


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I use store purchased sun dried tomatoes in my bagels (tomato basil with parmesan, one of my more popular flavor at the Lawrence Farmer's Market) and never rehydrate them. They contain enough moisture that they don't throw off the hydration ratio of the dough.  Rehydrating them in oil might do that.

 If the tomatoes are dried rock hard then they may need to be spritzed with water so they soften slightly, but the ones I get at the store are flexible and easily cut with a knife.


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davidg618 rehydrated with oil, water, and wine. I've done all three. I think you could do it with any juices too (I'm not sure how it would taste, however.). And V-8 would, in my opinion, be excellent, although I've not tried it.

David G.

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 No I haven't fotgotten you :-)))

 But saw your request about sun dried tomatoes, I think it largely depends on how much your tomatoes are dehydrated, It seems that some poeples sun dried tomatoes are still very wet and flabby, but do not  keep much longer than a few days in oil, others appear to really dry them so they are quite hard and would need sofrening up before using. Some skin and seed some don't.

......,, Talk to you later.....

 me ,,,g qahtan 

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Hi back! I dry mine so they are a bit brittle because I don't have to worry about mold that way. I guess I will just have to experiment with them.