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Japanese-style chocolate multi-layer marble bread

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Japanese-style chocolate multi-layer marble bread

I recently discovered this beautiful bread and have mastered the technique! The dough is soft and remains so for a few days. This is the closest to the Asian-style bread I have re-created at home!

Recipe and step-step instructions: here.





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Well, I have to say, that is something I've never seen...and it looks divine!

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i think i might try it! thanks for sharing.

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Thanks all!!

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Wow, this looks so good. I am going to go make it right now for breakfast tomorrow. Thanks for sharing!

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Well I made it and it was so good.  Thank you again for sharing.

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Thanks for sharing!


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Mini Oven

Definately an inspiration! 

I can smell this beauty being served with rich creamy cinnamon butter or chestnut butter or apple butter or caramel butter or or or.   The marbling draws me in reminding me very much of hand worked wood but edible!  I keep going back to marvel at the crust!  A marvelous eye catching show piece for sure!


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alio, huray! it's a really good bread! :)


Yipee, thanks!


Mini, the idea of caramel butter is great!

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what a treat for the eyes.  Your pics give me so many ideas of using dough lamination.  I saw the original pictures you linked your blog to...what beautiful bread!   When I was in SF, at the Baking institute, I went thru Chinatown.  The various bakeries blew me away with how high and fine the crumb was for this type of bread.  But the lamination with the chocolate sheet...and the Holidays are coming up!


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and I'm sure very tasty too! I have this bookmarked for a future bake. Thank you for sharing!


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I'm wondering if I could adapt this to make a cinnamon marble bread.  There is a bread store back in IL where I lived, I think it was Barnaby Smythes or something like that.  Anywho, they made a loaf that looked just like this, but it was cinnamon and not chocolate.

Any thoughts on how to make a cinnamon sheet to roll into this dough?  It has been my understanding that too much cinnamon in the dough will retard the yeast, but I'm thinking that this would be a good way to keep them somewhat seperated..

Thanks for any thoughts you all might have.