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My first loaf

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My first loaf

Well, I have officially baked my first loaf of bread.


I used the recipe in Lesson two here on TFL, substituting a cup of whole wheat flour for the bread flour. It was a thick-crusted, brown bread with holes about the size found in store-bought sandwhich bread. I would post a picture, but, uh, we kinda ate it all before I could take one!


Now, I guess I could use some advice. The bread tasted great, loked and smelled amazing, and I feel like I did well on this loaf. I've been looking at different recipes on here, and I've found some things which fit what I'm looking to do next, but the recipes are all too big for me. I want to do a honey or honey-nut bread, but a small one, about the same size as the loaves in the lessons for beginners.


I'm also still quite new to using this site, and I'm nto sure if I should request for a recipe or some help here, or if I should take it somewhere else. So, I guess I'll statr here. Anyone have a good, small, honey and wheat loaf recipe to share? Or know someone who already has? In the meantime, I'm going to go experiment with a few things I can put into my mix.




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Hello and Welcome to TFL, ChrisH!  A good place to ask questions is in the Forum.  Click on create's on the left side of your screen below your name.  Then click on Forum and your posting will appear on the front page for others to see. 


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Welcome to the Loaf!

First I would suggest that your repeat the loaf you just made a couple times to get the hang of how it feels before you move on. Work on handling the dough and learning how to judge when it's ready to bake.

Here is a Honey Whole Wheat that is listed on the column on the left side of the page. These are all solid recipes. You could add some nuts in here if you wanted and I have made this with raisins also.

I look forward to seeing your work.


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Thanks for the advice! I've looked at the recipe and the only problem is it's too big for me to do. I'm living on a college student's budget - so I basically have no extra money to spend on more resources. Any way to scale down that recipe to a more manageable size?

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Postal Grunt

Here are some of the places that I've found for reliable recipes. They may not be exotic but you can start with them and amaze and feed your friends. I doubt that college students are any less hungry than they were while I pursued a degree. I haven't figured out how to post the links but a quick Google should do the trick.

King Arthur Flour

Redstar Yeast

Fleischmann's Yeast

Kansas Wheat Commission

Oklahoma Wheat Commission

The KAF recipes are often for smaller loaves and many don't require extensive equipment lists or exotic ingredients. Both the yeast websites have some educational info and their recipes have a conversion button for pounds to metric and from a small loaf (1 lb or 0.5 kg) to larger loaves, IIRC. The Kansas and Oklahoma sites include recipes that won state fair contests. If the recipes can please a farmer, college students will be singing your praises. Finally, check your messages, I sent you my recipe for a honey wheat bread.