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Bread dough/dinner rolls?

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Bread dough/dinner rolls?

This might be a simple minded question but please understand I'm still not sure what I'm really doing yet.I made some regular kneaded white bread today in loaf pans and it's so far my best effort at bread makimg.My question is:Can I just use the dough that I made today for the loaves of bread to make some dinner rolls?I mean like it seems it would be the same thing only smaller.I might not need to bake them as long?Tell me something please.

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I use the same basic white bread recipe for rolls, and burger/hotdog buns.

I saw the photos of your bread and they look yum. Make sure you let them cool completely before cutting. If not you will loose precious moisture to steam. By letting them cool completely the moisture is re-absorbed into the crumb.

But if you want to try something look here

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I agree KAF is a wonderful site for beginners. Follow the instructions closely and the recipes are almost foolproof.

...and as far as a bun/roll recipe, you've got to do the "beautiful burger buns recipe" there at KAF. They seem to have a major cult following and sure to become a favorite of anyone that tries them. Plus, there are dozens of variations floating around; onion, whole wheat, etc.

Naturally, all the recipes there call for KA flours, but just about any AP or bread flours work just fine.

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like so :

This is very easy. I don't know what recipe you used for your white bread. Floyd's recipe makes a very tender roll, but you can just certainly use your recipe.