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Personal taste

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Mustang 51

Personal taste

It seems like most everyone on this site is a sourdough fan. For those of you who are, what is your opinion of the bread served at Claimjumper restaurants? I have never been a big fan of sourdough breads. It could be that I have never met a truly good one, or it could be that I just don't like it. The bread at Claimjumper was totally inedible to me.

Since there are so many versions available, I am wondering if I should try it on my own and risk throwing it straight into the garbage after putting a lot into it (even if it is the best bread ever made by your standards) or resign myself to excluding it from my "playlist".

Thanks for your opinions,


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I love the buttermilk sourdough I make almost every week, but it isn't sour at all which is just as well because I don't like the sour stuff.  I do use a little yeast in it, but I've also made another starter with just flour and water and made bread with that, using no commercial yeast at all.  Not too sour, good, light sandwich bread.  Unfortunately, that flour/water starter, after a year and a half, was got to by the fruit flies and had to be pitched, and I'm not in a great hurry to make another one, though I will eventually.  It's a fascinating exercise, making sourdough, and you can end up turning out some absolutely beautiful breads.  I'd go for it, if I were you.

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I don't like sour bread except maybe with a good cheddar-beer soup.

I use sourdough to make all my bread.It is not at all sour but is very flavorful. I do use a small amount of commercial yeast due to time constraints. I believe there are health benefits to it,as well.

I started using my own sourdough culture because I wanted to know how people made bread before the little packets of yeast were available.Bread has been made for thousands of years and I know my grandmother made dozens of loaves a week for her brood and didn't always have commercial yeast. I wanted to have a more genuine experience in accomplishing a successful loaf.It has been satisfying and delicioius.

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What is it about the sourdoughs that you have tried that you don't like?  Is it the sourness of the taste, the texture or ?   I'm not familiar with Claimjumper, so I can't comment on their bread.  I do know that there is a wide range of tastes in a sourdough bread.  I prefer a naturally leavened bread that uses a starter and develops the dough over at least 24 hours, but I don't really like a sour taste to my bread, so I try to pick recipes that aren't known for their sourness.  Others like a really strong sourness.  Some restaurants have served me what I call "Faux Sourdough" bread, meaning a yeasted straight dough with some souring agent added to give the taste of sourdough.

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I've eaten at Claim Jumper and I wouldn't categorize it with what the majority of us are talking about. Some restaurants paint vinegar on their breads for the supposed flavor.

Our conversations are about naturally leavened bread, with or without a sour tang, as opposed to bread with commercial yeast.


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Mustang 51

Thanks for all of your responses. I was afraid the dough does not like me. What I had at Clamjumper was an extremely sour bread. It was so bad that I almost spit it out. It went perfect with the rest of the overpriced and lousy tasting meal.

As I was reading through your responses, I remembered that I still have over a pound and a half of yeast in my refrigerator and freezer. Thanks Sam's Club. One of these days I will try some of the sourdough recipes without fear.