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Need Professional advice for a new oven

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Need Professional advice for a new oven

Well, it seems that I am at a crossroads in my baking venture. I need a second oven and would prefer gas but we have to have LP out here. With the volume of baking I am doing now for our market I am thinking that a regular home oven isn't going to last long as I am running the oven for two days for about 15 hours a day. A second oven would cut my baking time down considerably and make my life easier!

So here is my question. Can someone please tell me where I can purchase a professional oven- 36-40 inches in width, preferably gas with an LP conversion kit or if I have to have electric that would do too I guess. The closest two large cities to me would be Minneapolis/ST. Paul, MN or Fargo, ND.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I have already checked out the Sears brand of Professional ovens but the want that would work for me is only for natural gas.


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I would check Ebay, it normally has a great choice also professional gear and sometimes free shipping.


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Used restaurant equipment is always for sale. Call a local restaurant supply place and see if they can direct you.

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Electric  are always much more expensive to run.

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I bought a brand new - still had the tags on - Imperial professional oven here in Dallas at a restaurant auction. I would imagine, with the economy such as it is, you might be able to find one at a similar auction house near you. The auction houses here publish a list of items up for auction.

Good luck

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I live in a very rural area and there are no large cities that may have such an auction house within 5 hours from me. Thanks also for reminding me that electricity would be much higher than gas. I see that there are some dual fuel ranges out there but all that I really need is the oven. The search continues...

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I just bought the Cuisinart BK 100 brick lined oven for about $150 plus shipping. I just learned, the hard way, that the BK 100 temperature must be set lower than for the big oven. I'll try again tomorrow.

The commercial stove I have really heats the house up, so I'm paying for the gas AND the electricity to get back to a livable temperature here in tropical Dallas, TX. When the weather cools off - maybe October - I'll go back to the commercial oven.

The other downside to a commercial stove and/or oven is that it must be installed by a plumber who is experienced in restaurant installations. They have to torque it down for household use plus, in your case, adapt it to LP use. Also, you would need to have an asbestos shield behind it and underneath it. All this has to do with the building codes and the fire danger. Don't know if you are going to use it at home, but it might affect your homeowner's insurance rates.

Good luck.