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hotdog or ham and cheese rollups

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hotdog or ham and cheese rollups

Hi I am new to posting so be patient with lack of typeing skolls.

Thank you all for this great teaching tool. I make real bread and I am hooked.

Question; I was thinking of making hotdogs in a blanket or such. What bread formula would you use. Iwas thinking a basic pizza dough?????????

Thanks again, Patrick from Modesto

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I think the pizza dough approach would work just fine.  There are other types of dough you could use, but I suspect you want something that has the capability of developing crustiness and pizza dough should accomplish that for you.  The thickness of your dough will make a big difference in how it compliments the sausage to you may want to try rolling it to a variety of thicknesses to develop the "golden touch" for your recipe.

The British have a concoction they call "toad in a hole" that bakes a sausage inside a puff pastry type dough.  I've made it a couple of times but never mastered it the way I've enjoyed it in BC Canada.  Let us know how your pizza dough wrap works.

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We learn to love what we called Sausage Rolls when we lived in Wales in the early 80's.  One of our favorite items still.  My wife buys the frozen puff pastry and they make a great dinner item with scrambled eggs.  Only problem is that they are NOT low calories so you can't eat as many as you did in your 30's.  Not bad reheated too but really great straight out of the oven.  We like a lower fat mild sausage but will work with almost any kind.

I will have to try the Pizza dough thing with the sausage too.


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I found this with the search tool here. There are lots of others but Jane and I did this one. Any french style dough will work.


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I will let you know the results. Patrick from modstp

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There was a post a while back about sausage rolls. It sounds like what you are interested in.


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I made those and they are awesome! 


I tried making them with a lean (french bread) dough and they are not as nice.  A lean dough is better for a simple "blanket" wrapped around the hot dog, not the swirl shape.  Likewise, the crust is not so nice when you make a "blanket" with the enriched dough - you need the swirl to give it the braid effect.


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the result is like so many breads. very good but could be better. i used 2 oz rounds and they may have been too big with time a bit smaller. i baked at 400 degrees and will tweek that too.  thank you all for posts and i am learning  which is good. Patrick from Modesto