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Has anyone else noticed...

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Has anyone else noticed...

...that nearly every Tom, Dick, and Harry is named David?

David G

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Yup. I noticed that in a post I called "Too many guys named David". That was before another dozen or so Davids came on board!


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Debra Wink

I noticed that when I came on board too---the first three people to greet me were all Davids and Daves!

But, there's always room for one more. Welcome David G :-)

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Debra Wink

Not sure why it posted twice. Sorry, that was a misfire.

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You can never have too much of a good thing. Dave

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Saint David is the patron saint of Wales.  Every mother has to name at least one son David.  The Welch use Dai as the short form as in the USA we use Dave.  When I worked there in the early 80's you could be in a meeting of 6 and 5 of you would be named David.



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Like yourself, I too worked off and on in Wales beginning in the early 80's and ending in the mid-90's. If your work was involved with the USN's presence at Brawdy our paths may have crossed. Since then I've vacationed in England and Wales as recently as last summer. Went to Llangollen--pronounced Than-goth-lenn--for a week. Half my DNA is Welsh, and it's also the half of my heritage I've taken an interest in. I bake Welsh cakes--my Grandmother's recipe--every Christmas holiday, just as she did.

So here's a toast to all the Davids in Wales and those on The Fresh Loaf too! Ica da!

Dewi G.

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there are a lot of Dave's and Davids.  

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Mustang 51

That's funny, I get called Dave a lot. It has happened since I was a kid.


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but my sister's name is Davina after my dad (David of course!) Kind of like the Bob Newhart show...this is my brother Daryl, this is my other brother Daryl... :D