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Italian tipo "00" flour ...soft wheat flour

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Italian tipo "00" flour ...soft wheat flour

I've just received my mail order "Antimo Caputo" est. 1924 tipo "00" flour.  This flour is milled in Napoli, Italy...should be the real deal for pizza.....I would like some recipe ideas for this flour.....I have a good pizza dough recipe for my King Arthur unbleached Bread Flour....but I've read that the Italian flour has "different" needs (kneads :) 

Any suggestions?

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Hi rainwater!  Great flour for making pizza's!  There are some recipes for useing this flour...again at the  The hydration of this flour is going to different from that of the KA flours.  First time I used it I added to much water!


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I have some experience working with 00 flour and yes it does require a different handling/dough formula. In particular you will probably find yourself cutting back on the hydration.  As I mentioned on another thread, the VPN suggests for neapolitan dough, a hydration of around 56% although you may find that a little dry. Nonetheless, I suggest starting off under 65% hydration and fully developing your dough before fermentation. After division, give the dough balls plenty of time to relax in secondary proof before attempting to shape.  

Hope that helps,




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Thanks for the information....I was able to download a file with recipe from the Caputo company itself.  My present pizza dough is @75%, and this recipe is @65% hydration.  It's exactly the same recipe that I use now except for the amount of water.  Thanks again.

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I read somewhere that Italian Tipo 00 comes in 2 versions.  The pizza flour has a protein level of 11.5% - 12.5% while the pastry flour can be as low as 5 to 7%.  Obviously, they are not the same.