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Handy desktop converter for weights and measures that is a snap to use......

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Handy desktop converter for weights and measures that is a snap to use......

If you go to this site, Josh Madison has a great little converter that is really easy to use ( If I can use it , anyone can) It's a free download that I have on my desktop and use it frequently when cooking and canning to convert from grams to ounces or cups, etc........

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Sorry to be a spoiler, but no app is necessary. Just go to goggle and type in, e.g., 16 ounces to grams, and your answer will be displayed immediately. Google calculator works for all kinds of conversions, e.g., temperature, money, etc.


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the "convert it" also does all the other measurment conversions too. There are a gazillion ways out there in cyberland to do it. I was just siting an easy one I like to use :-)

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Nice to have it on the desktop. Makes it handy. Thanks

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Another spoiler--

If you have a Palm, you can go to the calculator and by pushing the right side of the 5-way navigator button you can scroll through various calculators.  There is a weight calculator that will convert pounds and ounces to grams and a liquid volume calcualtor that will convert teaspoons, tablespoons, and cups to oz and ml.

It's very handy to have them in a hand held device.  I also have my homemade Baker's Percentage Excel spread sheet loaded on the Palm(using Documents to Go), so I can make calculations on the fly.  On one of the spreadsheet tabs, I have the approximate weights of various common bread ingredients in grams and ounces in case a recipe/formula is not written in weight measurements. 

I put a grams to ounces calculator and an ounces to grams calculator on a third tab so I don't have to close out of that spread sheet to use the calculator. 

If I'm baking, I will slip my palm into a clean zipper bag to keep it from getting wet or dirty and use it right through the bag.