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Am I the only one who has stirred their starter with a metal spoon?

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Am I the only one who has stirred their starter with a metal spoon?

I just picked up a stainless steel teaspoon and stirred my starter with it. Please tell me I don't have to throw it out. I have just gotten it to making great sourdough bread. It was made according to SourDoLady's recipe using pineapple juice and unbleached flour with spring water. And it seems I read never to use metal to store or stir it with. What will happen? and do I really have to start all over? or can this starter be salvaged? Any answers will be greatly appreciated!

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I think the prohibition against metal is meant to protect the metal, not the SD. SD can be acidic enough to pit metal surfaces--I think there are stories about 49ers polishing metal with their starter.

But using a metal spoon to stir your starter should not harm the starter and it's unlikely that a young starter can have enough acid to harm your metal.

I use my metal spoons all the time on my month old starter baby with no problems except that flour and water glop feeding sticks to the spoon and turns to cement if I don't wash every trace away immediately (but "ripe" starter doesn't stick).

Relax! Remember that "hobby baking" is supposed to be fun ;o)

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Forget it - it will be fine.

Stainless is OK - I use a stainless bowl for fermenting in! As well as spoons for all my stirring and mixing.

The acidity might affect some non-stainless metals, and some metals might affect the bugs, but not with stainless.

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hi, you're not the only one...I did it many times and inspite of it, my 1 year old sourdough keeps healthy....when I remember a silicone spatula or wooden spoon...Bye Paolo

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It is fun! I love to bake, but I just didn't want to have to wait another month or so for a new starter to be ready to make some more sourdough LOL I make other breads which are wonderful, but I"m really into the taste of the sourdough. I'm working up to bagels, saw a recipe for sourdough bagels i'm gonna try as soon as I get enough bread made for me and my freinds. Have a happy day everyone!