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slashing tool

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slashing tool

Can anyone recommend a good online source for a slashing tool for breads? I have tried using a knife but it doesn't seem to work very well.

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This one is a favorite of many TFL members.  It does a very nice job.

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FYI if you have a Target store near you, they sell these very nice knives for $12.99.


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Go buy some carpet knife blades at the hardware store. They are bot that flexable but they have two sides and will suffice.

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I use different inexpensive tools for different doughs depending on the hydration and feel. And proper dough tension becomes a factor too. It also takes some practice.

For wetter doughs, I use a blade. I buy old style double edge shaving razor blades at the drug store. One pack for 5 bucks lasts a long tme. Put some tape on the edge you'll be holding. Wash, dry, and properly store the blade after use. Carpet knife blades will work too, but after getting a crappy batch from a cheapo vendor, I switched to shaving blades.

For heavier doughs, like stone ground types, my favorite tool is one of my Henckels steak knives. When I want to entertain people, I'll use a giant sharp chef's knife just for fun here.

That Komacki knife is great too, but for me the steak knives I have work fine. A friend of mine bought the Komachi. Real nice.

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I bought the Komachi knife for slicing up our apple strudels and it works really well.  It allows you to cut thin slices without compressing what you're cutting.  Plus it slides through easily and stuff doesn't stick to the blade.  For instance if you need to cut up croissants or something delicate for sampling, it's perfect.  But it's expensive.


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Check out

look -- under tools -- bread baking

They have good prices, much better than King Arthur.



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Larry Clark

A double edged razor blade on a stick (skewer, coffee stirer) has served me well for a couple of years.



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I use the same thing, made with a stir stick from Starbucks.  It makes a wonderful tool, and you can't beat the price.


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Thanks so much for all of the good ideas!

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I just ordered a lame from King Arthur for around $6 and it was a free shipping item.  Seemed pretty reasonable to me.


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Any photos of what the scoring looked like after you baked it?

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Single edge razor blades. Inexpensive and safer than double edge