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My Favorites

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My Favorites

have disappeared.  I had trouble signing in today and when I finally did and went to my account all my favorites had one poof!  Now when I put something in favorites and go to check, it's not there.  Can anyone help?  TIA.  Hope it was okay to ask here.


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I dont think I'd ever actually used that feature before. Had to go exploring for a while just to see how to get to the favorites.


I am seeing a bunch listed on your account though:

        * Valentine's Day Treats, Part Deux: Brioche
        * Blueberry Cream Cheese Braid
        * A Pizza Primer
        * Bagels
        * Kaiser Rolls
        * Recipe Convertor
        * Pita Bread

Were there others?

Those are the ones I see when I click on your userID

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that those were there, but I had lots more.  Some were blog entries and different recipes and instructions.  Oh well, that's life.  Thanks.



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Hmm... there was a security fix to the Favorite Node module a week or so ago that must have broken it.  Hopefully it'll get fixed soon.  In the meantime, your profile has a link to:

You can change the URL to

to find the others.


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floydm, I'm going to look for them now.


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Hi Floyd - can you help me find my favorites or will that have with the security fix?

Thanks, Judy

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sheffield (not verified)

I can only see about7 or 8 of them!


Thanks for any help.