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A Baker's Reading

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A Baker's Reading

I have found at least three references to Peter Mayle's book "Confessions of a French Baker" on this forum, but I hope new members of the forum will find the book interesting.

I have read it in about an hour, it's that short, but laughed a lot and found a few neat tricks there.

Here is a quote in regards to the scoring tool:

"With the classic baguette, for example, you will find a series of diagonal stripes along the top surface of the loaf.  At Auzet, these are made by hand.  They start as gashes, swift stabs with what I originally thought must be a special tool - the baker's friend - used only by the pros.  When I asked to take a look at one, I saw that it was a sliver of tin clipped from a can, sharp and shiny from years of use."

Another quote:

"If you have an uncomfortable feeling that someone has put a spell on you, the remedy is available at your nearest boulangerie.  Wrap a piece of bread in a clean white napkin, give it to the first person you meet in the morning. The spell will be lifted."

No wonder TFL members are spell-free - considering how many loaves we give away.

Keep baking and giving it away!


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nice suggestion.  will look for it in my local library!