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Baking Bread in Clay Baker-Lower Part glazed/lead? problem

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Baking Bread in Clay Baker-Lower Part glazed/lead? problem

I just purchased an oval 2 piece clay baking pot in a thrift shop with the idea of baking bread in it.  It has the design of a chicken on the top half (lid) and on the bottom half it has the mfg name of    scheurich keramik 838, W. Germany on the bottom.  It appears to be vintage and possibly never used.  I was doing some research to learn how to use it when I stumbled upon the lead in the glaze problem. Now I am not sure if it would be safe to use or not!  The inside of the lower half is GLAZED!! (where the food or bread would go).  It would be great if anyone on here had some knowledge about this specific baker.  Also the terminology is confusing.  I dont know if this is considered a terra cotta baking pot, a clay baker, or just what and I am not sure how to use it since it is glazed inside and the soaking instructions I found at various sites might not apply to a glazed inner half of the pot.  I hope someone out there might know.  I welcome and appreciate all input,