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SAF-Instant: How long to thaw?

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SAF-Instant: How long to thaw?

I just pulled my last brick of SAF-Instant out of the freezer, and of course I need it now. O: )  Can I use it extra cold for my WW sammie bread, or do you need to let it thaw to just cold?


- Jennifer : )

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Just use it as is.

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Open the package and just use it..I store my SAF Gold instant yeast in the freezer in a clear acrylic flip-top canister with a silicone seal..I take the container out of the freezer, measure out what I need for the recipe, seal the canister, and place it right back in the freezer..The yeast should stay viable for 1.5-2 years if it is only exposed to room temperatures this way..


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My heroes--thank you!!!

- Jennifer : )

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Actually, the best way to store things like yeast is to keep the majority of it in an air-tight freezable container.  In a separate smaller container, store enough yeast to last you a few weeks/months (depending on how often you bake), and use that for your yeast supply.

This has nothing to do with needing to thaw the yeast.  It will keep your yeast stock more fresh and alive though.  When you pull the whole bulk container in and out of the freezer on regular basis, it repeatedly causes temperature fluctuations. More devastatingly, it causes condensation of water all over the yeast and can make it moldy and stale.


Like I said, this applies to anything you store in the freezer yet use on a regular basis.  I store my ground flaxseed like that too (leaving flax out in the warm open air can cause it to go rancid because of the fats in it).



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I resepctfully disagree.  While it's true that repeated temperature fluctuations can be damaging to items stored in the freezer, I don't see any reason to keep two containers of yeast onhand.  I take the yeast container out of the freezer, measure out my yeast, reseal the container and return it to the freezer.  The yeast never stays out of the freezer for more than a minute at a time.  In my experience with storing and using yeast this way, these short stints out of the freezer have no negative effect on the yeast.