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I've been reading a few posts, and since I'm not totally comfortable with the jargon-which will probably be cleared up once I receive my new bread books-I have a question about refrigerated dough. Am I to understand that it's possible to whip a big batch of dough, portion it, put it in the refrigerator, and bake one loaf at a time during the week to keep fresh bread a daily occurance?

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I've been doing the Amish Friendship Bread thing since Christmas, and now find myself on day 10 with 4 bags of starter ready to go.  I have several questions:

1  Is there anything I can make just using the entire contents of one bag of starter (3 cups)?

2  Can I freeze three of the bags as is, or do I have to add the additional ingredients (milk, flour, sugar) and divide the mixture into 4 bags? This would perpetuate the multiplying of this "bread starter farm", and I'm trying to contain it.  I don't want to wind up with 16 new bags. If I can freeze them (my current 10 day bags), do I then start by adding the additional ingredients to them once they have defrosted, and then divide them into 4 bags?

3  I have already frozen 4 other bags of starter, and have read that instead of doing the 10 day ritual again, I can simply start at the baking point. Is this correct?

This thing is starting to consume   Your help would be highly appreciated



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Mark, I'm sorry I can't help you, since I don't make friendship bread.  But I do have a suggestion: you might want to create a new posting for your question.  You're likely to get more/better responses.

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Mini Oven

Before we get started.  What exactly is in each bag (Amounts) and what is it's status?  How does it smell?  Are they in the refrigerator?

More details please.  It could be all the starter needs is to be thickened up and put into a greased bread loaf pan and baked.  So here with the details!  :)

Let's see if we can reduce your starter before a remake of "The Blob" movie.

Mini O

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Welcome, Rainwater.  There are tabs at the top of the TFL home page which will take you to the FAQ and Handbook sections, which should help with the jargon...and more.

The dough you write about sounds like the Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day method.  Here's a direct link to their site where you'll find tons of info.

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I use all but what I want to keep going to make up lots of small loaves with different add ins.  I then freeze the loaves.  Then I have hostess gifts, quick breakfast breads to take to church, give aways just because, fast supper bread, etc. 

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You can also go to The Mother Earth News magazine site and there is an lengthy article about the Artisan Bread in 5 MInutes a Day with recipes from the book.  (Sorry I don't know how to show the link so that you can click on it).  I've made this bread often and it does well.  I usually have to let it sit when rising for longer than the book says to, but it does allow a person to have good homemade bread with a minimum of work and time.