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Well.....I'm jumping in deep!

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Well.....I'm jumping in deep!

I just finished my lesson two loaves. I doubled the recipe and added half the flour volumn with whole wheat flour. I work at Whole Foods which has pretty good fresh baked breads, but realize that my mediocre attempts at home taste and digest better than any store bought bread. Even when the loaves don't reach desired results. Well.....I bought four loaf pans because I think this is best for sandwich bread. Ordered four Reinhart bread books(Amazon has them on sale), and a pound of SAF-instant yeast from the King Arthur website. I think this yeast will make the biggest difference because I've used it in resteraunt setting, and the package yeast from the grocery store is not the same.....I don't think.
Can't wait to get the books.....maybe try some sourdough bread....who knows. Wish me luck!

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Hi, rainwater.

Welcome to TFL!

I buy most of my flour at Whole Foods. My local store carries a pretty good assortment of Giusto's organic grain products, but you got it right regarding the superiority of what you can bake at home compared to what's in the stores, even WFM!

Good luck! (since you asked). It won't hurt, but when it's not enough, there are lots of enthusiastic bakers here happy to help.


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go for it, might as well go all the way!  I love Reinhart's books, I really like the way he write's.  Have fun, I just made some baguettes today, turned out good.