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...a shout-out from Washington state~

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...a shout-out from Washington state~


I'm goody, from south-eastern Washington state (out in the Gorge).

Joined the fourm yesterday.  Back into sourdough after about 20 years or so haitus.

After a week of messing around, I've got a nice bubbly starter and spent all day yesterday baking little trial loafs, and rolls.

Still needs time for the type of taste I like in my sourdough, and working on texture.

first couple loaves (@end of last week) could of been great doorstops!

This site is INTENSE! 

I think I'm gona love it here!

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  Welcome!!  Yes, you will love it!  If it pertains to bread, its in the brain trust here.  I have always been a utilitarian bake and eat it kind of guy.  But the inspiration here wants to turn me into a semi pro.  Enjoy!

der Hinterhof

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Welcome to the site from the west end of the Gorge.

Speaking of intense, we woke up today to see the results of the strongest Gorge winds I've ever felt.

Two 30+ foot trees came down in our yard, 6 fence posts snapped off, and many roof shingles in our yard.  Knock on wood, I think our roof is intact, but the neighborhood is quite a mess today, and the wind still hasn't let up.


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Hi, goody!

I started baking again about 3 years ago after a 25 year hiatus. If TFL had been around back then, I'd have never stopped. This community helped me go from making sourdough discuses (disci?)  to pretty decent breads over a few months.

In other words, you found the right place!


I never had winds like that during my 4 years in Portland ... Well, except for the typhoon in 1964. Hope there were no injuries!


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We're right at the mouth of the Gorge, so the winds are stronger here than in town when there is a high pressure system inland like there is right now.  Nevertheless, these winds are abnormally strong. 

It is strange too because there are no clouds or precipitation, the things you usually expect when you think of a storm.  This is purely a barometric event.

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Sorry to hear that. We heard nothing about those winds here in the valley. Hope you haven't suffered too much damage.


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Hi Betty--

From your comment, you're in the valley--around Salem?


Are there alot from the Pac NW on the forum?  That would be pretty cool.

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I'm in Woodburn, just north of Salem. There are quite a few Oregonians here..
Welcome to the mix



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...Thanks, David, for the welcome!

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...where are you at--Gresham or Troutdale?

We've had very nasty winds earlier, with all the snow, but thank goodness nothing like that---I'm SUROUNDED by 50+ foot firs & Pines that would take my house right out if they came down!

We don't even have to have strong winds, and just going outside & seeing them all sway the way they do, is enough for me, and I hot-foot it right back in.

The Columbus Day storm back in the 60's did that one to me (I was in 1st grade). I'll NEVER forget seeing my older brother (by 10 yrs) being blown down the street rescuing our neighbor's garbage can, and holding on to the porch railing with all my might.

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Yeah, we are in Troutdale. We are used to winds but this has been exceptional. To be honest, I'm afraid to look outside today to see what new damage has been done, as the winds still havent died down yet.


Here is some video I captured yesterday....


I have a feeling not a lot of baking will get done this weekend. :(

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Did you end up loosing the tree that was next to the house/garage in the video?

Looked like it was just a matter of a few more good gusts & it would be on the ground!


I've got a 70+ foot Ponderosa Pine that's been at a 45 degree 'lean' for almost 3 years now, but the root ball is stil holding firm.

I'ts on the other end of my acreage--not next to the house, thank goodness!



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That is our neighbors house, not ours.  The roots are now exposed and it is at about a 30 degree angle, though it hasn't completely fallen because it is resting on the next tree.  I think they plan on having someone come out and take it all the way down today or tomorrow.

What a mess.

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Very sobering video, dstroy. Those winds, if they're continuous, are really scary and make you want to curl up in a ball till it's over. I hope it is over!

My wife and I also live in a wind tunnel. One June the winds got up to around 100 mph and ripped my neighbor's 3-story outdoor stairway clean off her house, just nicking ours. The sound was beyond awesome.

I hope it's all nice and quiet now where you live.


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I couldn't get the photos to load on the page--course, I'm in a rural area, forever doomed with s-l-o-w they are pretty awsome.


I'm getting closer to what I'm wanting to achieve with the sourdough--yesterday I made up my very OWN recipe for cinnimon rolls, and they were pretty darn good!

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Welcome goody1006, look forward to your baking pics. yes I think you will find there are quite a lot of folks here from Oregon and Washington and BC. I am from upstate NY but I am a Pacific NW wannabee! :-) Always love to see photos from that region.

On the other hand, so sorry to see your wind damage Floyd and Dstroy, thank goodness no one was hurt, I hope your area recovers quickly.

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Your video is a pretty good example of what happens when trees are planted or allowed to grow close to a foundation. Only half of the root ball has the structure holding it upright. Hope you and the neighbors survived the winds without much serious damage.