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Croissant Dough Formula

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qahtan's picture

Croissant Dough Formula

Great lesson BUT..........
Can you please translate this formula
to laymens language, pounds and onces or metric, any thing but %, thanks qahtan.

Croissant Dough Formula

Bread Flour 100%
Milk 23%
Water 38%
Sugar 13%
Salt 2%
Yeast 1.2%
Dry Malt .5%
Butter .5%
Total Dough 181.7%

Butter,Roll-in 25% of total dough weight

carltonb's picture

Sorry, because I deal in many size portions it is easier for me to work in percentages.

Here is the formula in metrics

Flour 1000 g or 1 K
Milk 230 g
Water 380 g
Sugar 130 g
Salt 20 g
Yeast 12 g
Dry Malt 5 g
Butter 5 g
Dough Weight 1.817 K

Butter for roll-in 454 g

Hope this helps
If not I can reconvert.

Carlton Brooks CEPC, CCE
Mesa, Arizona

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Thank you,,,,,,,,,,,, qahtan

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Z Bakery

are you using Fresh Yeast in this formula or Active Dry Yeast? Thanks

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Hi, I am going to baking a croissant too. By the way, what is croissant brioche?

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I will bake crossaints this weekend!