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keeping your flour handy

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keeping your flour handy

How do you keep  the flour that you use most often. Do you have some thing special for it.  I keep my all purpose flour, the one I use most often in a Hungarian hand thrown sauerkraut  pot, it does have a place , draining hole in the bottom that I have a cork in.  It was given to me by a dear friend many many years ago.  It holds 10 kg  comfortably. I like to keep this pot on a folded tea towel or as like my mixers etc on a mouse pad, they then slide easy closer to me as I want to work with them and don't scratch the counter.  Plain pastry flour is in a stainlees steel container  smaller only holds about  1 kg and another small  stainless steel container for my hard wheat berries, also about 1 kg. qahtan

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just the other day I through out my Hungarian hand thrown sauerkraut  pot! Now you tell me! :)

Seriously, I am looking for good cheap containers for my flour, about 10 lbs. of each.


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Postal Grunt

If you're located in the US, try Bed, Bath, and Beyond for a 40 cup container with an airtight sealing top. I pickeds one up on Thursday and its normal price is around $12USD. I put a 10# bag of Eagle Mills AP flour in the container with room to spare.

BB&B often sends coupons through the mail and there may be some available over the internet. Their current coupons are good for $5 off a purchase and another for a 20% discount. There may be conditions such as a total purchase cost attached to these coupons.

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My wife sells Tupperware, and that's what I use.

I have several cannisters I fill when I get large quantities (I don't keep  ingredients in regular packaging) and a large rectangular keeper (I think its 13" X 9" X 5") for the counter whichmakes it easy to get the flour via the spooning method. I label all my containers with a P-Touch labeler (which I got on sale at Staples for $10). Although it isn't cheap, it is durable and seals really well.

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I use a 55 qt plastic (food grade) pet food storage container for 25 lbs of flour. When I remodeled my kitchen a couple of years ago, I had a small cupboard made that has a "pull out" in it that accomodates this container perfectly. If I had thought about it at the time, I would have had one made for the sugar too.....



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At Sam's, you can get Rubbermaid 12qt storage containers at 2 for $20 which is what I use to store my APF and BF.  It holds about 20lbs of flour comfortably, and the other 5lbs or so goes into storage containers from the Dollar Store :) They sold these sets of 4-6 containers that nest together for $3 for the set.  The largest one holds a 10lb bag of flour perfectly, and the next smallest holds a 4lb bag of sugar perfectly.  Try checking out your Dollar Store if you're in the market for new tubs.

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for pounds of flour to quarts? I.e., how many quart capacity do I need to hold 10 lds. of flour?



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