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Looking for a sourdough sandwich loaf

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Looking for a sourdough sandwich loaf

I am looking for a soudough sandwich loaf formula.  I really like the white sandwich loaf I make now, but would like to add some starter to it.  So does anyone have a white sourdough sandwich recipe?  Or can anyone tell me how to convert the formula I have now for sourdough.  I maintain a 100% hydration starter.  The recipe I use now is something like this:

5 1/3 c water

1/2 c sugar

1/2 c fat

1 c nonfat milk

5 t salt

2 T yeast

16 c flour

I use all kinds of stuff in the 16 c flour.  This makes 4 loaves.  So what do you think?

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Here is a link to a recipe I have made several times. Very good loaf. It is from Eli's Blog that is a member here.


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I haven't tried this yet, but I copied for future use:

How to convert from yeast to sourdough  has many answers, I plan to try the first comment from Sourdolady.


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Mike over at has a converter spreadsheet as well:



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Thanks for the tips.

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I looked at what you guys recommended.  I used the recipe above but dropped the water to 4 c and the yeast to 1T and added 2 c of starter.  It made 4 loaves that were nice and fluffy and only a hit of sour.  Nice sandwich loaves.  Oh I used 2 c of oats and 1/2 c of flaxseeds gound in a coffee grinder.  I think I will use the starter in snadwich loaves next time and drop the yeast further.