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Site needs a 'recipes' link at the top...

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Site needs a 'recipes' link at the top...

Unless I am going blind, I don't think there is an easy way of finding recipes on this site. I can see the 'favourite recipes' list on the left hand side, and the 'also on the fresh loaf' bit on the right hand side... but there doesn't seem to be a page with a list of all the recipes.


Is there any chance you could put a 'recipes' link at the top of the page?

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Not easily, no. There are probably 500 or 1000 recipes on the site, some in posts, many in comments. It isn't feasible with the content in its current format to pull out a good recipe list. Besides, the list would be rather silly looking (French Bread I, French Bread II, French Bread III, ... French Bread XVIII, Ciabatta I, Ciabatta II, and so on).

I'm very close to kicking off a project to create an edited, orderly version of some of the best content on the site, including many of the recipes. That will help folks deal with the sheer volume of content here now and make it easier to find a well-edited list of dependable recipes.

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I see what you mean about having dozens of recipes for the same bread. I think the list of dependable recipes is a great idea. The "favorite recipes" part is really helpful for new bakers like me. Especially the pictures! These recipes give me a place to start while I learn. In fact, I'm waiting for English muffin dough as we speak. And the pita bread turned out great! Thanks for this fantastic site!

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It is a great idea to have a section of more tried and tested recipes. It will be easier to find all the hinden gems.  Thank you.

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