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Natural dough conditioners and preservatives

I'm trying to find an all natural and inexpensive dough conditioner to prolong the shelf lid of my product without compromising the taste and structure. Preferably something that doesn't break the bank as well. Thanks!

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sourdough starter?

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AbeNW11 (not verified)

Adding ascorbic acid will help the yeast and will also act as a preservative. This is good for bread using baker's yeast.

Or, if you want to venture into sourdoughs they do last longer. The fermentation process gives it a longer shelf life.


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of bread. It also makes a lighter loaf and a softer crumb. You use flour and water from the recipe to make a roux that retains moisture during baking. This results in a longer shelf life and a lighter more tender crumb.

Here's a Tangzhong roux FAQ that I put together based on my experiences using it. Also Google "Tangzhong roux"