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A few questions about brotforms.

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A few questions about brotforms.

Hey all!  I'm starting to get even more serious into baking, so I wanted to stock up on equipment.  I found this good deal on Brotforms here and I think I'm gonna buy some. here  Would you say a 9in is good a 2 pound loaf?

I hear everywhere that Brotform and Banneton are interchangeable, but the first thing I read said that the German ones with the coiled design are called Brotforms, and linen lined baskets are the French equivalent and called Bannetons.  Is this the case?  Or are they basically interchangeable?

Also, let's say I always bake two loaves of bread, so have two coiled Brotforms for both and linen liners for each one, if I lined each Brotform up with the liner and proofed it like that, would it have the same effect as using a wicker basket with liners?

 If it has the same effect, I will probably get the two Brotform with the liners and then I can choose whether I want the design or not depending on the day.  If I want to bake more than two loaves at a time, I will buy a few wicker baskets to use alongside my Brotforms.


Also, so I can use the word right, is the plural for Brotform just Brotform, or is it Brotforms?  Same question for the word Banneton.



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The plural of brotform is acutally brotformen, FYI. Yes, it would be the same effect.

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About the plural:

In German a "Brotform" is usually made of metal. Some people call the wooden ones also "Brotform", but usually they are called "Gärschalen". The basket like ones are called "Gärkorb" or in diminutive form "Gärkörbchen".

As it even changed the meaning why not the grammar as well?

Do you say "Kindergärten" or "kindergartens" (as plural of nursery school - but even heard it as substitute for "first grade").
What's the plural (or singular?) of "peperone/i" (in english a sausage named after the ingredient, the ingredient is just called "pepper", I believe).


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Mini Oven

looks pretty good to use or not use the liner is your option.  A dishcloth can also be used in any basket with the right size and shape desired.  The price is reasonable to me.

info on size:


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Mini Oven