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Last week I was visiting Budapest. I didn't expect finding a Georgian Restaurant. I had the chance of having a wonderful khachapuri. Amazing!

cerevisiae's picture

Acharuli Kachapuri! Lovely! I've only ever had (made) imeruli kachapuri. I think the above style is one of the prettiest, though.

Mebake's picture

Hmm, looks delicious!  How did the bread crust taste?

Abelbreadgallery's picture

Really crunchy Mebake. In fact in the restaurant they asked us if we wanted regular crust -which is the original, texture quite similar to italian pizza- or crunchy texture. This last one was the one what I choose.

dabrownman's picture

aren't Greek Pides?  Must not have any feta and spinach in there:-)  Sure looks tasty and your choice of crust had to be better than pizza dough!