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Sourdough Naan

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Sourdough Naan

Sourdough Naan

Main recipe
WeightIngredientBaker's %
180.00Wheat flour, white, all-purpose, enriched, bleached68.44%
83.00Wheat flour, whole-grain31.56%
170.00Water, tap, drinking64.64%
40.00Yogurt, plain, skim milk, 13 grams protein per 8 ounce15.21%
30.00Oil, rice bran11.41%
5.00Salt, table1.90%
5.00Sugars, granulated1.90%
513.00Sub total195.06%
WeightIngredientBaker's %
20.00Wheat flour, white, all-purpose, enriched, bleached7.60%
30.00Wheat flour, whole-grain11.41%
50.00Raisins and Figs Yeast Water19.01%
100.00Sub total38.02%
WeightIngredientBaker's %
160.00Wheat flour, white, all-purpose, enriched, bleached60.84%
53.00Wheat flour, whole-grain20.15%
120.00Water, tap, drinking45.63%
40.00Yogurt, plain, skim milk, 13 grams protein per 8 ounce15.21%
30.00Oil, rice bran11.41%
5.00Sugars, granulated1.90%
408.00Sub total155.13%
Final stage
WeightIngredientBaker's %
5.00Salt, table1.90%
513.00Sub total195.06%

I have used a young levain, that is slightly sweet.

I first mixed levain with ingredients from autolyse section till no dry bits left. Autolyse for 1 hours, by that time the dough become silky soft and smooth. 

I gave it 5 S&F with 30 minutes interval. It took around 4 hours to double in size at 25C. 

Once its double, carefully ease it out of the plastic tub. Since its a really wet dough, make sure your counter top and your hand is well floured. 

Divided it into 5 pieces and gently preshaped it into a mini boule. Let it rest for 30 minutes, while you waiting pre-heat your oven n pizza stone to the highest temp you can get, where mine is 240C. 

Shaping, I dimple it like foccacia, then flip it n its stretched by gravity. put it on baking stone 2 minutes normal baking the rest is on broiler. Brush it with melted butter.

This is a very very good naan, a must try formula

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Been looking for a Naan recipe using sourdough and will definitely try this.  However struggled with converting to different size recipe which I know is complicated by having two flours and a levain.  If it helps anyone I show what I have written down for my own conversion to any size taking the total dry flour (ignoring the levain) as the base 100% and it reduces the number of calculations

Total Ingredients

White flour         75%

Wholegrain         25%

Above = 100%

Water                  56.3%

Yoghurt               19%

Oil                       14%

Sugars                 2.3%

Levain                  47% (100% hydration, 40% White 60% Wholegrain)

Salt                      2.3% 

TOTAL                 240.9%

Hydration 64.6%

To make 1,500g of dough I divide 1,500 by 2.409  (240.9/100) to give me 602g of flour (452 white/150 wholegrain) as my start point and everything is a percentage of that.  Just a bit of arithmetic for the size of the levain. For your recipe the percentages apply to the total autolyse flour of 213g.


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 Recipe's summary  
NDB#IngredientBaker's %Weight
#20081Wheat flour, white, all-purpose, enriched, bleached68.44%540.00
#20080Wheat flour, whole-grain31.56%249.00
#14411Water, tap, drinking64.64%510.00
#01118Yogurt, plain, skim milk, 13 grams protein per 8 ounce15.21%120.00
#04037Oil, rice bran11.41%90.00
#02047Salt, table1.90%15.00
#19335Sugars, granulated1.90%15.00
  Portion size102.60
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Great looking Naan.  thanks for sharing.  Your meal looks terrific and I wish you could beam some over :).

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I wish I could.

the aroma of naan is overwhelming