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Sourdough starter-all rye

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Sourdough starter-all rye

My problem isn't really a problem per se. This is my second attempt at a starter. My first one was a 50/50 of ap and rye with equal part water and it went through a  myriad of aromas before it finally started smelling good. Then I went into pre term labor and ended up spending about a month in the nicu and subsequently, my starter died. Now that I am home, I decided to give it another shot and this time with all rye. My starter is about a week old and it bubbles great and has since I started it. I get both large and small bubbles throughout. My "problem" is, I haven't went through the myriad of aromas like I did with my first starter. It went from smelling like wet rye flour to smelling really sweet and fruity. I'm just a little confused about such the drastic difference in aroma between starters. Is this normal for an all rye starter? Is this how it should smell?

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What beasties dominate in your rye sour will determine the aroma, and who dominates can depend on time and temperature and the acidity of the sour and a few other things. You lucked out this time and skipped the stages where undesirable yeasts and bacteria dominate and produce foul odors. (Usually the falling pH ends of knocking off those critters.)

Just keep your rye sour fed and happy, and it should make great bread!