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First try at at Tartine No. 3

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First try at at Tartine No. 3

And four days later, I had bread!  This is my first shot at the white whole wheat recipe in Tartine Book 3.  I was pretty pleased overall.

First, I revived my whole wheat starter for two days.  I used my 100% whole wheat starter! not 50% white as called for in the book. Then, after the initial mix, I let it hydrate overnight in the fridge and then brought it back to room temp before starting the folds.  I also baked one loaf that same evening and held one in the fridge to bake the next day. 

I think it spread in the dutch oven too much.  Maybe I need a deeper proofing bowl, or my shaping is off?  But nonetheless, I'm happy with it.  Good flavor and crumb.  I'll try to post a pic of the crumb next.


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Dreasbaking:  I have made several Tartines, and it seems you learn each time.  This looks like a good one to me.  Anxious to see the crumb shots.  Great baking, thanks for sharing.  Best,  Phyllis

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Looks good!

If your loaf is spreading out a lot I would suggest doing more folds or stronger folds(really stretch the dough) during bulk fermentation.

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Thanks on the tips on the spread.  how long can I do the folds?  When will the yeast run out of food?