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Hello from Eastern Ontario, Canada

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Hello from Eastern Ontario, Canada

I have been a bread maker since I was about 10 years old.   Must have been a geek before geeks were invented!  I am now venturing into baking for an organic farmers market and have to learn how to bake in greater quantity and watch my costs.

Any hints as to what breads might sell best?  I would like to get a mill - any recommendations?  What about baking ovens larger than my household oven?

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This deserves serious thinking, planning before diving in. Bake truly decent bread,consistently, and they will buy it and you will build a loyal following. The challenge though especially on the "Micro-Bakery" scale is to realise sufficient return for your efforts and investments. I think that it would be preferable to bake 3 different breads consistently well than to bake 7 or 12 sorts with up and down results. As you get established you could expand on the variety and also add seasonal wildcards. 

To get started, i believe that you should find out where the used commercial bakery equipment is being sold in your region, google up a storm, after a short while you'll be able to establish a reasonably good idea as to the going prices, variety and availability of ovens, mixers and assorted useful small items. If your lucky, you may just come upon a small commercial stone mill, this however could be added at a later phase and would be quite  a worthwhile addition. 

You also have to consider your bakeshops electrical possibilities. The wiring of at least one 3 phase power circuit, will probably be a must.

Over the past couple years, i have put together a functioning micro-bakery, have purchased 2 ovens, a mixer a stonemill and assorted small items, all on internet actions at a fraction of the new cost. If it's of interest have a look at my setup here. If i can be of any help, don't hesitate to contact with PM.

The people of Ontario could well do with increased access to real bread, i wish you well in your bakeshop endeavours

cheers daniel

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Thank you Daniel!  That is excellent advice.  My time at the organic market starts in March.  I will start with the 4 breads I love to eat - the ones I get asked for in lieu of Christmas presents.  Then I can judge what sells and what else to venture into.