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Coconut water for dough and poolish?

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Coconut water for dough and poolish?

I want to try an experiment: using coconut water in both the dough and the poolish. Has anyone done this, and if so what should I consider or change? Is it too much sugar (will the yeast rise too fast - so I should add more salt?)?

I want to make a coconut bread, and will also add shredded, unsweetened coconut to the mix.

Any ideas, recipes or suggestions will be welcome.


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How did this work out for you? I did a version of this this morning using desiccated coconut and coconut milk (and sourdough), loaf is currently cooling. I don't know if any of my changes (more liquid, high grade flour, longer kneading) made a difference or are relevant to your coconut water dough, but mine seemed to rise nicely as I would expect for a normal loaf.

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Well, not too good. The bread was doughy - although it toasted okay. The coconut didn't come through as richly as I had hoped. Overall, it didn't make a statement (my hope was for a toasted coconut taste like with the shrimp...)

I think the coconut water has little effect on the flavour - it's the shredded coconut that makes the flavour. I used about 1/2 package - it likely needed more. I used the fine coconut (almost a powder) and probably should have used a coarser blend because larger pieces would help the taste.

Still planning an experiment with rougher coconut, but will also put shredded coconut on the top (maybe with an egg white wash). The coconut in the bread doesn't toast, but on the top it might.

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Maybe boost the coconut flavor with coconut extract flavoring located in the baking isle (it's next to the vanilla extract)? Use shredded (toasted first) for the texture and then the flavor extract to boost the flavor.



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I haven't ever tried making bread with any coconut products.... but have you heard of coconut flour? 

I have used it in muffins and slices but never in bread. According to the packet you can use up to 15-20% in a standard bread recipe - but again I have never tried this or seen any results.  Not sure that the flour would add much coconut taste to the bread, but It will add a lot of fibre!

Also as well as shredded coconut you can get coconut chips which are basically bigger grated pieces.


All the best with your baking!

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Sorry to hear it was a bit doughy, mine often turn out that way too. For some reason this one was a very soft fluffy sandwich loaf. Toddler ate 3 thick slices which is fairly enthusiastic for her. I am usually not rewarded with such gusto and am thinking it was either the high fat content of the coconut milk or else the well developed gluten... Or maybe she just likes coconut.. 

In terms of flavour mine was also quite subtle, though detectible. I think mine came more from the coconut milk than the coconut, though it being desiccated might have been less flavourful anyway than your shredded. Being a sourdough it also had a bit of tang - doubt this enhanced the coconut aspect though.

I did brush the risen dough first with coconut milk/egg/sugar wash and topped with more desiccated coconut, which made it more coconutty.

I wonder if first toasting the coconut before mixing it in would have made enhanced the flavour? Or maybe using fresh coconut? Would love to try with coconut flour if we had any - unfortunately I can't quite justify the cost of buying any as we're not gluten free or anything.

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Have you tried using coconut oil as your fat?  I do this with my banana bread, along with unsweetened coconut flakes, and a little rum - turns out very nicely.  

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Interesting idea about the oil. Have to see if I can find some. There is coconut flour at the local bulk barn. Toasting the coconut is something I plan to try next time I experiment with it. Right now I'm working on some other breads, so this one will have to wait a bit.


But pineapple AND coconut.... a pina colada bread... that's intriguing...

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Coconut extract is mentioned further up the thread.  I make my own extracts, and plan on making coconut extract next from these instructions:-

I love making my own extracts because it's so easy and works out a lot cheaper.