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High Heat Baking

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High Heat Baking

I'm just wondering if anyone out there bakes bread at really high temperatures in their deck oven?

Depending on the loaves I'm baking its somewhere between 215-240C (413-465F), does anyone bake really high heat for normal hearth loaves (600g - 1200g of dough). My oven goes up to 290C and I hear that some bakers bake at very high heat to replicate wood fired ovens, but I don't bake anything at that temp. 

If you're baking at very high temp, what effect would it have on the bread?



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You are baking at the proper temperature and if you go higher you will likely encounter burned bottoms for anything in the oven longer than 25-30 minutes.  For smaller loaves that require less time in the oven, these higher temperatures can work but I have not found any advantage in that.